Collecting Summary Information using FacetsΒΆ

A powerful ability of the Shodan API is to get summary information on a variety of properties. For example, if you wanted to learn which countries have the most Apache servers then you would use facets. If you wanted to figure out which version of nginx is most popular, you would use facets. Or if you wanted to see what the uptime distribution is for Microsoft-IIS servers then you would use facets.

The following script shows how to use the shodan.Shodan.count() method to search Shodan without returning any results as well as asking the API to return faceted information on the organization, domain, port, ASN and country.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Search Shodan and print summary information for the query.
# Author: achillean

import shodan
import sys

# Configuration

# The list of properties we want summary information on

    # We only care about the top 3 countries, this is how we let Shodan know to return 3 instead of the
    # default 5 for a facet. If you want to see more than 5, you could do ('country', 1000) for example
    # to see the top 1,000 countries for a search query.
    ('country', 3),

    'org': 'Top 5 Organizations',
    'domain': 'Top 5 Domains',
    'port': 'Top 5 Ports',
    'asn': 'Top 5 Autonomous Systems',
    'country': 'Top 3 Countries',

# Input validation
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
    print 'Usage: %s <search query>' % sys.argv[0]

    # Setup the api
    api = shodan.Shodan(API_KEY)

    # Generate a query string out of the command-line arguments
    query = ' '.join(sys.argv[1:])

    # Use the count() method because it doesn't return results and doesn't require a paid API plan
    # And it also runs faster than doing a search().
    result = api.count(query, facets=FACETS)

    print 'Shodan Summary Information'
    print 'Query: %s' % query
    print 'Total Results: %s\n' % result['total']

    # Print the summary info from the facets
    for facet in result['facets']:
        print FACET_TITLES[facet]

        for term in result['facets'][facet]:
            print '%s: %s' % (term['value'], term['count'])

        # Print an empty line between summary info
        print ''

except Exception, e:
    print 'Error: %s' % e

Sample Output

./ apache
Shodan Summary Information
Query: apache
Total Results: 34612043

Top 5 Organizations 808061
Ecommerce Corporation: 788704
Verio Web Hosting: 760112
Unified Layer: 627827, LLC: 567004

Top 5 Domains 562047 494399 385792 194817 151925

Top 5 Ports
80: 24118703
443: 8330932
8080: 1479050
81: 359025
8443: 231441

Top 5 Autonomous Systems
as32392: 580002
as2914: 465786
as26496: 414998
as48030: 332000
as8560: 255774

Top 3 Countries
US: 13227366
DE: 2900530
JP: 2014506